Fuji DR Systems – Fuji Digital Radiography for Medical Practices

Fuji DR systems, are used in a wide variety of medical offices. DR stands for direct digital radiography, and is the fastest digital imaging currently available. In traditional CR or radiology systems, a collection plate or film is used to collect images, requiring special cassettes or plates, chemicals and dark rooms to develop images. A Fuji DR system uses a collection plate rather than cassettes or film, eliminating those costs immediately.

Fuji DR systems also offer increased productivity and flexibility for a variety of medical offices making them a great solution for small to medium medical offices, including chiropractic practices, veterinary clinics, and imaging centers.

Fuji DR systems produce digital images that can be read immediately on the computer connected to your digital radiography system. Once the image has loaded, the image can be analyzed in detail and even sharpened, allowing for better diagnostics and increased productivity.

If you’re considering upgrading your office to digital, A Fuji DR system is a great choice. Because a Fuji DR system is installed in your existing x ray machine instead of a film cassette, you will immediately save money on film, chemicals and film processing from the day you install your Fuji DR system.


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