Naomi Digital Radiography – Naomi DR Systems

Naomi DR systems, are used in a wide variety of medical offices. DR stands for direct digital radiography, and is the fastest digital imaging currently available.
Naomi DR systems differ from traditional x-ray systems or CR systems by using a collection plate rather than film or cassettes for collecting images. This saves money over the life of the system – eliminating the costs associated with film, chemicals, and film-processing.

Naomi DR systems also offer increased productivity and flexibility for a variety of medical offices. These solutions are great for small to medium medical offices, chiropractic offices, veterinary clinics, imaging centers and more.

Naomi DR Systems Increase Productivity

CR systems use imaging plates to capture x-ray images instead of film cassettes. After an exposure, the imaging plate has to be scanned by an imaging reader. This requires the handling of plates, an expensive and time consuming process for your practice. By converting to a Naomi DR system, you eliminate the costs associated with film and film processing for your practice and benefit from increased productivity and less time expenditure, as well.

Naomi DR systems produce digital images that can be read immediately and viewed anywhere at anytime. A Naomi DR system is a great choice when looking to update your office to digital. Naomi DR systems also allow you to attach client medical history to images digitally, insuring that images are never separated from a client’s file.

Saving Money with Naomi Digital Radiography

Because a Naomi DR system is installed in your existing x ray machine instead of a film cassette, you will immediately save money on film, chemicals and film processing from the day you install your Naomi DR system.


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