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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The initial estimate of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy is already over 20 billion dollars. We have all heard of the devastation caused all along the East Coast. Many hospitals have had to either run off of generators or move patients to a safer environment; doctor’s offices have closed to wait out the storm. In […]

The major components of an x-ray system are: the power generator, x-ray tube, collimator, tube stand, wall stand and radiographic table. These key components make up the “image capturing” aspect of the process. Each of these components is offered with multiple options that make the overall -ray system completely configurable to fit a practice’s specific […]

Osteoporosis is a common condition in the adult population that is characterized by reduced bone density and changes in bone micro-architecture that lead to increased skeletal fragility. Individuals with osteoporosis are at a higher risk of traumatic fractures as well fragility fractures, which occur either without trauma or with minimal impact. The National Osteoporosis Foundation […]

Computed radiography (CR) utilizes a computed radiography system in order to display images. Instead of using imaging film, this technology uses an imaging plate (IP) that is composed of photostimulable storage phosphors. These photostimulable storage phosphors store radiation levels from electron energy. When the IP is ran through a scanner, it is converted to an […]