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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Few things can ruin the day as quickly as a headache. A number of things can trigger a bad one, and triggering a bad headache is generally easier than curing it. Understanding what causes them can help to not only reduce the pain but also the frequency. Here’s what you need to know. Poor Posture […]

For many children, growing pains are a natural part of life. Aches and cramps can make them grouchy and irritable, and these sorts of pains often increase as children become involved in sports like basketball, soccer, and track. But back pain is distinct from regular growing pains. Back pain in children, particularly children under the […]

The Section 179 Deduction allows a taxpayer to lower their income tax in the year an asset purchase (DR panel, CR, X-ray, Software, etc) was made by deducting the full cost of qualifying equipment purchases. Section 179 was created by the government to encourage businesses to purchase equipment and invest in themselves. To understand Section […]

The world we live in is centered on convenience, so it would only make sense that the medical field would follow suit. That is why devices like mobile MRIs are so important to have in the healthcare industry. Let’s look at some of the uses of mobile MRIs and why they are important. First, let’s […]