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Why Do Our Bodies Need Protein? For health or other reasons, many people are choosing to not include meat in their diet. Meat is the most well-known source of protein but there are plenty of other foods that supply protein as well. Protein is essential to a healthy and properly functioning body. Protein helps the […]

All the major components of the X-Ray equipment (Power Generator, X-Ray Tube, Collimator, Tube Stand, and Wall Stand) are configurable in order to offer the end user all the options required but without paying for unnecessary features. Power Generators In general, there are 3 styles of generators; Standard frequency, High Frequency, and Stored Energy. Standard […]

For many small and medium sized practices a new digital x-ray system solution is the single largest purchase they will make. Before making a decision and selecting the company that will provide you with that solution, there are several questions you should ask first: Does your company have experience with digital x-ray? Many x-ray providers […]

This is the third part of series explaining digital radiography systems and their different components, features, types, and uses. Read Part 1 and Part 2 for more information. Features There are many standard and optional features for DR systems. Knowing what’s available makes selecting the right DR system easier and more cost-effective. The features vary […]

Good posture isn’t just how you carry yourself or your stance, it affects how energetic you feel, how well your internal organs function and how healthy your ligaments and muscles are. When your body is perfectly aligned, or has good posture, the weight and the force of gravity is distributed evenly throughout your body. Proper […]

As mentioned in our previous blog post are three main variants of DR technology. There are also different sizes available. In the following section we’ll go over the sizes and the different technologies and how each works and its pros and cons. Sizes Currently, there are three common sizes of the radiographic areas for DR […]

What is Digital Radiography? Digital radiography, or DR, is the next step in the evolution of medical x-ray technology. First CR technology replaced traditional film and now CR is being replaced by DR technology. Where CR required cassettes that had to be scanned by a CR reader, DR allows x-ray radiation to be shot directly […]

Stress seems to be a part of everybody’s vocabulary lately. Work. Family. Finances. Relationships. Even those happy with their lives suffer the effects of stress. Stress can play a part in problems with your mind, body and spirit such as headaches, restlessness, high blood pressure, loss of motivation, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, […]

Text of regulations ( California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Public Health § 30305.1. Quality Assurance General Provisions § 30308.1. Quality Assurance for Radiographic Installations (Other Than Mammography, Dental, and Veterinary Medicine) § 30311.1. Quality Assurance for Dental Radiography Questions and Answers 1.  Where can I learn how to perform quality assurance testing and find […]

It is common knowledge that High Frequency Generators are a newer and a far superior type of generator, but why?  Additionally, beyond the technical reasons why these generators are different, what are the practical differences that an owner of these two types of generators would experience?  Let’s quickly explain the differences between High Frequency X-Ray […]