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The world’s first mobile X-ray solution with industry-leading NEX (Nano Electronic X-Ray) technology. This simple, non-glass-based X-ray tube uses world-leading carbon nanotubes to offer full medical performance in a more efficient, yet even smaller and lighter unit.

Compact but Capable, Easy to Maneuver, Highly Reliable

Powerful things come in small packages. Micro-X Rover Mobile X-Ray Machine offers full medical performance in a reduced size, making it ideal for quick, decisive action with minimum disruption in crowded departments and ICUs. At just 209 pounds, and a featherlight drive design ROVER delivers outstanding maneuverability without the need for heavy, complex, and inherently less reliable motors.

The challenge for many healthcare workers is to provide optimal care and treatment, without disrupting the patients, families, and staff. For many, that means positioning around other equipment, avoiding lines and power cords on the ground, and having reliable devices always ready to go.

Designed for all hospital and in-home care environments, ROVER is a smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable X-ray device capable of delivering every type of imaging exam. This X-ray cart is robust and rugged enough to be used throughout a hospital or transported off-site for remote scans. The compact device also uses a non-glass-based X-ray tube to ensure reliable and long-lasting medical performance.

Micro-X Rover Mobile X-Ray Machine

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