OrthoScan Mobile DI
Mobile DI is the first and only mini C-arm designed specifically for your clinical and off-site imaging requirements. Couple portability and ease of movement with industry-leading digital X-ray and fluoroscopy. Offer supplementary procedures with established CPT codes for increased reimbursement. Enhance your workflow and your patients’ satisfaction with the Orthoscan Mobile DI.

Mobile DI allows for the following procedures:
• Extremity and Shoulder X-Rays
• Fluoroscopic needle guidance
• Motion studies
• Weight-bearing views
• Joint stability tests
• Fluoroscopic needle guidance
• Stress views
• Dynamic views
• Unorthodox views
• Arthrography

Superbly Mobile & Lightweight
Tailored design for those on the move, Mobile DI is a 35lb self-contained mini C-armEasily maneuver between satellite clinics and off-site locations with the optional wheeled storage case. Get high-quality digital X-ray and fluoroscopy where you need it with Mobile DI.

Key Features:
• Mobile Accessory Cart: Transport your Mobile DI easily between exam rooms and clinics with the optional accessory cart.
• Monitor Arm: With enhanced monitor arm articulation, survey real-time results with your patients on a detail-rich display.
• Imaging Flexibility: Whether standing or sitting, reposition the detector to accomplish optimal positioning of anatomy.
• Orthotouch (24″ monitor): View more on-screen content with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 in vivid detail on a hi-bright 24″ monitor for immersive work experience.

Flat Detector Technology
Flat detectors provide increased image quality, improved reliability, and more efficient imaging. Compared to image intensifiers, the flat detector’s more direct signal conversion path, with essentially no optics, results in consistent image brightness and less geometric distortion. The solid-state detector provides more reliability and no image degradation due to vacuum leaks. Lastly, flat detectors read more of the individual x-rays, translating into better image quality for a given dose.

DICOM 3.0 Compliant:
• Store: Sends images to a PACS server
• Modality Worklist: Imports patient information from a hospital/radiology information system
• Print: Sends images to a DICOM networked printer
• Video: Sends video to a PACS server

Key Specifications:

Free space 13.8″
Mobile DI weight 35lb
Mobile DI height 25″
Mobile DI footprint (W x L) 12″ x 19″
Accessory cart weight 155lb
Accessory cart height 57.5″
Accessory cart footprint (W x L) 24″ x 27″
Arc depth 8.5″
Pivot rotation 430°
Weight-bearing foot bench Optional
Keyboard handles


Type CMOS detector
Detector resolution 2 k x 1.5 k
Detector size 15cm x 12cm
Useful array 14.5cm x 11.5cm
Pixel spacing 75 microns
Dose rate AKR / DAP


Display size 24″ LCD
Primary “live” image 12″ x 9.5″
Dual reference image 5″ x 4″
Brightness 575 cd/m2
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Interface DVI
Arm horizontal reach 27″
Arm lateral rotation 360° + 270° + 160°
HDMI (external monitor)
Built-in DICOM calibration


Input power 100-230 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
Field controls Single
Wired hand & footswitch
Laser alignment
USB 2.0 port
EMI filter

X-Ray Generator:

Focal spot 42.5 microns
kV range 40 – 78 kVp
mA range 0.040 – 0.160 mA
Operating mode Continuous


OrthoScan Mobile DI

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