Our goal is to listen to our customers and deliver products and services using the best technology available at an affordable price. We strive to deliver the best customer experience in the markets we serve. Our customers should expect high quality products with extraordinary customer support and service at a competitive price.

  1. Customer Centric – Focus on customer

    We go the extra length for our clients. We do this by following the golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. Regardless of the issue, we treat our customers as you’d want to be treated if the roles were reversed. Everyone has had plenty of bad customer support experiences. We distinguish ourselves by giving them the BEST customer support experience.

    Customers will keep coming back to us if we honestly pay attention to what their problems are, aspeak to them with enthusiasm and treat them with respect. We all know what it sounds like to call someone else for customer support and they give athoughtless , lackluster response. We are not those “other” companies.

    This level of customer satisfaction goes beyond our own customers. There have been several instances where we don’t even support a particular item, but they will find us on an internet search and we will  recommend a few things and if that doesn’t work we will  direct them elsewhere. Taking two minutes out of your day to help a non client can go a long way.. First impressions last a lifetime.

  2. Sell Solid Products

    In order for us to offer a money back guarantee, excellent support and total customer satisfaction we can only sell best of breed products. We will never sell a product that we don’t feel comfortable with.
    Dicom  Solutions spend lots of time and efforts reviewing and testing products and working with the manufacturer to  ensure that we feel 100% confident about the product and the company developing the product. When Dicom Solutions becomes a certified dealer for a particular vendor, we are entirely committed  to ensuring a beneficial two way relationship in which we become more than a just a dealer, we become partners.

  3. Be Innovative – Embrace and Drive Change

    In a technology driven marketplace, we have to continuously be on the look-out for new advances and technology that will benefit our customers. We are constantly    researching for new and innovative ways to do things better, faster and smarter. We do this with not only the products we sell, but we also embrace new technology and use it daily in all areas of business.

  4. Open communication with Customers and Vendors

    We believe our biggest asset is the  customer and vendor relationships we have built. In order to be successful, we believe is it essential to have an  honest and  open communication channel. Both our customers avendors deal with a lot of untruthful people. We stand out by saying what we mean, and meaning what we say. Our customers have helped to evolve our company to where it is today. We listen to what our customers want,make immediate changes, and then relay that information back to our vendors  to create an open communication channel in which is respected by all parties. We listen to the good, the bad and the ugly. We have the highest level of respect for our business partners and maintain mutually rewarding relationships with vendors who demonstrate high professional standards.

  5. Be passionate and determined

    We find  passion in helping our customers locate the right product that fits their needs.. We must always be confident –  Our vast depth of experience and knowledge has value to both our customers and  our vendors. Even if we don’t know the answer to a question immediately we’ll find a way to get the answer. We take the time to instill in our employees the motivation to maintain a positive and healthy attitude. We encourage each one of our team members to take self responsibility in everything they do.. Being passionate about what you do not only helps exceed customer expectations but also provides a personal satisfaction which has no measurable results but changes lives.

  6. Nothing is impossible

    We never give up! We never  refer to customer requests as “impossible”. Impossibility is an opportunity in which sets us apart from our competition. We embrace the challenge and will find a solution for our customers no matter what it takes.

  7. Be Responsive & punctual

    Whether it is for service, support or sales, providing   you with a prompt response to your needs is one of our highest priorities. Emails, phone calls or any other type of communication with customers or vendors should be followed up with immediately. We all have called into a company and been put on hold or request a quote or support and it takes days, weeks or months for a response. That’s is simply not our style!

    Procrastination and being late for appointments is the byproduct of not thinking you’re a valuable  team player. At Dicom Solutions, we ensure that every member of our team knows the importance and value in time management..  We do not make promises or commitments that we cannot meet or fulfill.

  8. Never compromise Integrity

    Be yourself. We require complete honesty and integrity in everything we do.

  9. Extraordinary Customer Service

    We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers. We want to meet or exceed their expectations on every interaction. We know that by doing so, we turn customers into advocates for our business.

  10. Hire and keep good people

    Our goal is to provide a work environment that promotes teamwork, fun and personal satisfaction. We strive to build a culture of excellence in which each team member is best utilized to encourage unity. We see the true value in keeping good employees, which helps our business achive long term and continued success.