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Dicom Solutions is your source for new, used and refurbished portable and stationary ultrasound solutions. From your simple portable black & white system to high-end color Live 3D shared service ultrasound systems, we have you covered. We carry all major brands (GE, MindRay, Sonosite, Toshiba, Siemes, Philips, Biosound, Sonoscape, Edan, Chison and Siui). With multiple manufacturer options, our team of professionals is able to offer unbiased solutions to meet the needs of your facility.

Konica HS2 Ultrasound System

If your current ultrasound unit is your best option, then let Dicom Solutions help lower your cost-of-ownership and extend the life of your equipment with in-house probe repair and system repair services. Our nationwide team of installers and support technicians are available to make sure your system is always working properly. You can rest assured that when you reach a Dicom Solutions employee that they are an actual employee committed to delivering the core values which we were founded on, and strive to deliver on a daily basis.


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