Dynamic Digital Radiology

Dynamic Digital Radiology Leading Technology

Set yourself apart from competition with Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR). This brand new technology (FDA Approved 04/19) allows you to observe movement with superb image quality like never before.

This enhanced version of a standard digital radiographic system can acquire up to 15 sequential radiographs per second, allowing you to observe physiological cycles, as well as individual radiographic images (up to 17″x 17″ in size). Better known as Cineradiography, is x-ray in motion that is derived using digital radiography.

The Orthopedic DDR Motion X-Ray delivers clinically relevant information in a fast exam with low doses of radiation. In less than a minute clinicians have 20 seconds of motion and multiple single images.

Dynamic Digital Radiography
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Why Dynamic Digital Radiography?

See The Clear Difference
Competitive Advantages of Using Motion X-Rays

Powerful, Convenient & Versatile

The DDR performs all standard X-rays. Images even taken standing, seated or on a table. Additionally providing vivid and crisp X-Ray images.

Low Dose Radiation

Bring a peace of mind to your customers. The DDR’s radiation of a 20 second exam is equivalent to two standard X-rays, or 10 days in the sun. 

Quicker Exam Times

In less than a minute, a Motion X-Ray system gives clinicians up to 20 seconds of physiological movement with a simple acquisition, performed by radiology staff without the need for physician.