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2020 Opal-Chiro PACS Solution’s market leading DICOM Diagnostic Image Viewer & Patient Database presents powerful, intuitive workstation functionality. Opal-RAD is fully DICOM compatible, offering DICOM Send/Receive and DICOM Print Functionality, as well as Modality Worklist support, enabling this state of the art PACS system to be integrated with any DICOM software in existence.

The Diagnostic Image Viewer screen provides a numerous amount of tools and options to assist in, reading and maneuvering, your medical images. Additionally, the standard set of PACS Tools, such as window level, zoom, magnify, rotate, pan, invert contrast, cropping and the bone enhancement tool, Opal-Chiro also features a comprehensive suite of precisely calibrated annotative measurement tools, specifically customized for Chiropractic Analysis & Diagnosis. Below are some of the tools listed in more detail.

Opal Viewer:
The Diagnostic Image Viewer screen provides a wealth of tools and options to assist in reading and manipulating high-resolution medical images.

  • State-of-the-art DICOM viewer delivers powerful, intuitive workstation functionality
  • Quick function shortcuts integrated for efficiency
  • Full Chiropractic (DC) tools included with package purchase (see solutions)
  • Podiatric (DPM) Tools available†
  • WORLDWIDE access: view from anywhere!*
  • High-resolution multi-monitor support
  • Customize screen layouts; up to 9 images per monitor
  • Fully customizable settings to accommodate your specific needs

Opal study List
The Study Listing screen is your interface to the database. Now actions like opening, transferring, filtering, and sorting exams are an easy point-and-click task.

  • Quick access to create patient studies
  • Custom search/query options
  • Burn & Import patients CDs
  • Fully customize user privileges for different types of users
  • DICOM Send & Recieve integrated
  • DICOM Print support
  • Modality Worklist support

System Specs:
20/20  Opal-Chiro PACS (Non-Web) – SOFTWARE ONLY
IBM Compatible Standard Resolution Diagnostic Viewer/Server Workstation – Software ONLY

  • VIZTEK Chiropractic Analysis and Diagnostic Software
  • Window Level, Magnify, Zoom, Rotate, Tools include Cobb Angle and Measurements, Georges’s Line, Adv. Orthogonal, & Gonstead

VIZTEK Opal-Rad DICOM Image Viewer Software includes:

  • VIZTEK Chiropractic Analysis and Diagnostic Software
  • Measurements Georges’s Line, Adv. Orthogonal, & Gonstead
  • Installed on Customer Provided PC/Laptop Configured to 20/20 Imaging Specifications

2020 Opal-Chiro PACS Solution

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