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Accogent Bladeview 14×17 Wireless DR comes in both Gadox and Cesium scintillator versions. Its unique glassless TFT removes the risk of fatally dropping your DR. Factory warranty covers 5-year parts and drop coverage.

Lightweight Design
Our non-glass design and manufacturing ensures durability and eliminates the need for additional drop protection coverage.

Ultra-Low Dosage
Ideal for numerous applications with outstanding modulation transfer function (MTF) and detective quantum efficiency (DQE) without compromising image quality.

Speedy Transfering
With a specialized antenna design, Bladeview Flex can achieve fast transfer and receive strong signals at any time and anywhere.

Intelligent Design for Hot Swamp & Seizing Image In Time
Freely exchange battery at any time without pausing or shutting down.

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Bladeview Glassless DR

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