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Direct Vet by JPI


An ergonomically designed digital X-ray system for the Veterinary Practice, the DirectVet runs on a dedicated 110V wall outlet, and is powerful enough to replace much bulkier systems that require dedicated HV power lines. This system is ideal for existing practices looking to upgrade as well as new practices. In addition to being an easy, convenient fit for a range of spaces, this digital X-ray system allows you to hit the ground running without any special power supply modifications or construction.


Full ExamVue Duo Software Integration 

Replace the old and bulky system with the DirectVet digital X-ray system for convenient diagnosis functions, fully integrated with the ExamVue Duo Software to maximize veterinarian workflows. 

  • X-ray fully controlled by ExamVue Duo software
  • High Frequency X-ray Generator
  • 120 kVp Maximum Output 


ExamVue Duo Acquisition Software

With state of the art and intuitive imaging tools, our ExamVue Duo software produces clear, concise, and quality images with even the oldest generators and larger animals. Reliable and convenient, the ExamVue Duo software seamlessly integrates into any professional veterinary practice.

ExamVue PACS comes standard with veterinary diagnostic tools and can be expanded even further with the JPI Cloud PACS. The JPI Cloud PACS expands your access to your images to anywhere you can connect to the internet and allows for easy sharing with doctors and patients throughout your practice or anywhere in the world.


Direct Vet by JPI

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