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DynaVue Duo by JPI


A unique and user-friendly veterinary digital radiography system, DynaVue Duo brings you digital X-Ray, fluoroscopy, video, and thermal imaging in a single package for your diagnostic or surgical center. Designed by the JPI team working with industry-leading veterinarians to optimize workflow, image quality, and diagnostic results. DynaVue Duo is powered by JPI’s ExamVue Duo software, developed specifically with veterinarians needs and workflow in mind.

Highlighted Features:

  • Low Dose, High Frequency Generator For X-ray and Live X-ray Video
  • Industry-leading Image Quality and Diagnostic Results
  • Switching Between X-ray and Live X-ray Video Mode Mid-exam
  • Easy-to-use and Large Touchscreen Operating Console
  • 220V, 15A Power Requirements for Easy Installation
  • 4-way Floating Table for Patient Positioning
  • Compact Unit with Wheels for Convenient Positioning and Easy Cleaning


Fluoroscopy Features:

Power: 3.8 kw

mA: 1 mA – 25 mA

Exposure: 10 minutes

Focal Spot: 0.3 mm

Pulse: 10 ms / pulse


X-Ray Features:

Power: 10kw (15kW Inverter)

mA: 1 mA – 160 mA

Exposure: 200 msec

Focal Spot: 0.6 mm



Infrared Camera area: 649 x 487 @ 100mm

Infrared Camera FOV: 65 degrees

Infrared Camera resolution: 206 x 156

Infrared Camera FPS: 9fps

Input Voltage: 220 Vac 60Hz / 110 Vax 50Hz

kvP: 40 – 120 kVP (1 kVP steps)

DynaVue Duo by JPI

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