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Amrad 40kW Floor Rail System (FRS) Orthopedic X-Ray
(Other kW options available). Can be combined with the DR solution best fit for your practice.

Floor Mount Tubestand

  • Floor Mount, non-rotating Tubestand (82.25” tall)
  • 95.5”  x  17 “ (includes travel track) floor rail assembly
  • 106” (8 ‘ 10” ) total length
  • Fixed length tube arm with manual x-ray tube rotation for centering to Wallstand
  • Angulation dial, operator hand grips, and electric positioning locks
  • 6” Trunnion Tube Mount with cooling fan for x-ray tube


  • Heavy-duty Wallstand with motorized vertical travel, rotating center-mount enclosure
  • Manual rotating enclosure with angulation gauge in 5 degree increments
  • Footswitch and column button actuation for motorized vertical travel
  • Grid Cabinet, 17 in. x 17 in for either CR cassettes or fixed DR panel
  • 10:1, 103 line, 54” focus grid
  • Heavy-Duty cassette tray (not required for fixed DR panel)
  • 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA power required

Mobile Radiographic Table

  • 30” x 80” flat, seamless, table top
  • 27.5” table height
  • Hospital-grade swivel casters with two locks
  • 500 lb. rated patient load
  • Electrical power not required

Standard X-Ray Tube: 0.6 – 1.5 mm focal spots, 200,000 H.U.

Cables: 35 ft. High Voltage cables, 150 kVp

Collimator: Collimare certified manual collimator, 150 kVp with swivel mount, laser bucky light line and tape measure

5-year factory warranty

Floor Rail System FRS Orthopedic X-Ray

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