FUJIFILM’s next-generation mobile X-ray solution. The FDR AQRO offers a compact and light-weight digital X-ray system with ultra-high sensitivity and mobility for simple, easy handling in any radiographic situation.

The FDR AQRO DR incorporates Fujifilm’s patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology for higher resolution images and improved dose efficiency. ISS enhances sharpness and DQE by reducing scatter and blur. This revolutionary innovation positions its capture electronics at the tops of the crystals where data is strongest and sharpest, yielding exceptional detail and image quality at lower doses.

FDR AQRO’s onboard technologist console includes the latest Dynamic Visualization II image processing upgrade, which automatically recognizes thickness and density characteristics to adapt the optimum image processing parameters throughout the entire exposure field, delivering exceptional images with greater detail and contrast levels, and affording improved window and leveling capability for diagnosis in PACS.

Additional advanced functions include:

  • Dynamic Visualization™ II: The Dynamic Visualization II processing uses Artificial Intelligence for auto-recognition of bone, anatomy characteristics, and orthopedic hardware. This image processing software intelligently adapts image contrast and density, based on image, thickness and structural recognition. It improves uniformity in both dense and thin regions for challenging images, for large anatomy and patients, or any low dose or low penetration exams.
  • Virtual Grid: processing intelligently simulates grid use, eliminating scatter effect, to improve contrast and clarity and reduce dose by as much as 50% and reduce dose by as much as 50% for images acquired without a grid. Useful in portable exams: simplifies acquisition and positioning, and eliminates artifacts associated with physical grid misalignment and improper SID.
    • Intuitively recognizes scatter effect in the image
    • Precisely tunes contrast and noise control
    • Eliminates repeats caused by misalignment factors associated with physical grids
    • Customizable grid characteristics, grid lines, density, and interspacing material
    • It can be applied to all body parts,* including chest, abdomen, head, spine, pelvis, upper and lower extremities.




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