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GE Versana Active

Auto EF

Automated Ejection Fraction (AutoEF) is a semi-automatic measurement tool used for measurement of the global EF (Ejection fraction). The AutoEF tool is used as an optional decision support tool.
The AutoEF tool tracks and calculates the myocardial tissue deformation based on feature tracking on B-mode cine loops. AutoEF is performed on either one or both apical 4-chamber or 2-chamber views, in any order.

NOTE: The AutoEF tool is intended for adult cardiology and is not intended to be used in pediatric cardiology.

Scan Assistant

Provides ultrasound sonographers with predefined standardized exam protocols that walk them through all steps of image acquisition, saving keystrokes, helping  to reduce stress and fatigue, and supporting exam consistency. Scan Assistant Creator provides the flexibility to customize or create new protocols, such as lung protocols.


Just touch the Whizz button on your console once. Without pressing it again, Whizz continuously and automatically optimizes the image, even as you move from one organ or structure to another.
Whizz in PW/CW mode (ASO), optimizes spectral data through adjusting velocity scale/PRF in live imaging, baseline shift, and invert (If present). Whizz functionality may be helpful for cardiovascular scanning.

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GE Versana Active

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