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Innovet Select Veterinary x-ray with stationary or float-top table
Can be combined with the DR solution best fit for your practice.

The InnoVet Select is the most popular system in the InnoVet line. Designed with all the things needed for your needs. The InnoVet Select delivers perfected functionality. With tailored options allowing medical professionals to customize their own system, the InnoVet Select is the Veterinary X-Ray system of choice.

Examples of popular InnoVet Select options include:

  • A 300 mA high frequency generator that is 30% more powerful than standard frequency.
  • An upgrade of the 300 mA high frequency generator to an even more powerful 500 mA.
  • A 2-way or 4-way float top table.
  • One or two easy – access cassette bins.
  • The “no-hands” collimator system.
  • An anatomically programmed console.

7 Year Factory Parts Warranty, Tube Pro-Rated

Innovet Select Veterinary X-Ray

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