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JPI StriXion CT/XR/Fluoroscopy



🔹Fast scan time (4 sec)

🔹Fast reconstruction time (15 sec)

🔹Superior image quality


Live Video X-ray

🔹 Full fluoroscopy without C-Arm

🔹 Large field of view 17″ x 17″

🔹 Frame rates to 30 FPS

🔹 GPU-based real-time imaging processing

🔹 DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)

🔹 ABC (Auto Brightness Control) 

🔹 Save MP4 or DICOM



🔹 Simple workflow

🔹 Emergency exam

🔹 Image preview

🔹 Fast image processing time (<0.8 sec)

🔹 Advanced image processing



  • 270 degree Angle Rotation
  • Vertical Motion
  • Extendable Straight Arm
  • Convenient Range of Motion
  • Positioning Camera
  • Fast Scanning

JPI StriXion CT/XR/Fluoroscopy

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