Konica 2020 Tethered 17×17 DR
Quick & Reliable 17×17 Cassette-Sized Tethered Cesium DR Solution for Veterinary and Chiropractic practices.

Created to remain in the Chiropractic Wallstand or Veterinary Table, the Konica 2020 17×17 DR comes with a full suite of chiropractic or veterinary tailored analysis tools. Just like our 2020 Konica 14×17 Wireless Cesium and 2020 Konica 17×17 Hybrid (Wireless and Tethered), this digital radiographic unit also carries a 5-year factory warranty.

Key Specifications: 
Image Sensor: a-Si (amorphous Silicon) TFT
Scintillator Type: FP: CSI (Cesium)
Pixel Size: 139um
Pixel Matrix: 3072×3072
Active Area: 16.81″x16.81″
Line pair per mm: 3.6 lp/mm
Dimensions: 18.1×18.1x.59in
AD conv. 16-bit

Konica 2020 17×17 tethered
Starting at $323/m

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