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Konica AeroDR HQ 14×17 Cesium DR
Detector for wired or wireless operation with Cesium Iodide scintillator and a unique integrated Lithium ion capacitor (battery) technology for fast charging and clinical use. Seamless carbon enclosure for high durability.

Konica AeroDR HQ 14×17 detector:

  • Mobile wireless detector based amorphous Silicon (a-Si) with Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintilator
    • Active area 35 x 43 cm (13.8″ x 17″)
    • Pixel pitch 175 µm
    • Resolution 1.994 (h) x 2.430 Pixel (v) (4,8 million pixel)
    • A/D conversion 16 bit
    • Dynamic range 4 digits (1.4 µR – 12 mR)
    • Charging time 30 minutes in cradle, 60 minutes via cable
    • Battery capacity 200 images / 5,5 hours
    • Cycle time approx 9.2 sec wired and approx. 13.3 sec wireless
    • Communication Wired Ethernet and Wireless LAN (iEEE802.11a compliant)
    • In bucky magnetic cable connector , which “connects by itself”
    • Dimension 38,4 x 46 x 1,59 cm (18.1″ x 15.1″ x 0.6″) (WxHxD) (ISO 4090)
    • Weight 2,9 kg (6.4 lbs)
    • 1 year standard warranty

Contents of the package:

  • Konica AeroDR HQ 14×17 Cesium DR including charging cable
    • AeroDR Interface unit
    • AeroDR Battery Charger
    • AeroDR Access Point
    • Generator Interface box
    • Interface software

About the Konica AeroDR:
Digital wireless detector AeroDR HQ with integrated PACSImage-AQ Aquisition Software
The AeroDR HQ provides a fast and flexiable solution for digital radiology which is highly reliable. Its very efficient Csl scintillator offers the best quality at the lowest radiation dose. At only 2.9 kg including the battery (capacity), it is currently the world’s lightest wireless flat panel detector. The charging time of the capacitor is only 30 mintes. The preview images are available after just three seconds.
Due to an extremly stable carbon fiber monocoque structured housing, smooth operation and high durability are guaranteed even under heavy pressure or shock. The design of the AeroDR HQ provides stress resistance and prevents damage to the edges of the scintillator by impact or pressure in the daily operation and protects the panel from rupture.

Feautred overview:

  • Integrated Aqisition software
    • Lightest wireless detector
    • Standardised dimensions: AeroDR FPD fits in all conventional buckys
    • Csl Screen
    • Optimal image sharpness by minimising light scattering
    • Low radiation dose
    • IEEE 802.11a Wireless network standard
    • Battery charging time only 30 min.
    • Reliable longlife capacitor
    • For emergency cases: 3 minutes charging time for up to ten images
    • Battery lifetime = prodcut lifetime
    • Completely closed housing
    • Very stable and robust due to moncoque tecnology
    • Smooth operation under heavy pressure or shock, protected from rupture or damage
    • INtegrated shock sensors
    • 1 year guarantee

Konica AeroDR HQ 14×17 Cesium DR

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