Konica Exa PACS Solution
Highly Scalable, Zero Footprint PACS/RIS Solutions

The Konica Exa PACS Solution was designed to provide new speed and workflow efficiency with the latest features and tools available in the market. All prior PACS have been forced to sacrifice speed and convenience, Exa presents both to deliver the best results.

Exa’s zero footprints (ZFP) viewer offers full diagnostic viewing capabilities and workflow efficiency from any computer. ZFP allows for fast viewing on any PC, no downloads, plugins or installations are required which makes it completely user-friendly. Software updates are now implemented across all users instantly through centralized software.
With no pre-fetching of exams required, and the ability to work any of your devices, Exa offers world-class speed benefits with server-side rendering technology.

Konica Exa PACS Solution

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