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Konica Opal-RAD MiniPACS
Cost Effective MiniPACS Solution for your Medical, Veterinary or Chiropractic practice.

Advanced features:
Workstation-server for integrated clinic workflow encompassing a powerful suite of digital radiology tools to achieve the most fully integrated patient database, imaging and communications system; includes OPAL viewing software and server/workstation hardware for the input, display and storage of images from the Modality of your choice and 2 additional Client Viewer/QC Licenses.

Konica Opal-RAD MiniPACS System Includes: 

  • Opal-Rad General Viewing Software
  • 2 CC Web Users Only
  • 2 – Client Viewer/QC License (to be installed on existing PC’s)
  • DICOM Send, DICOM Print, Image Server (short-term storage)
  • SMA – 1 Software (Single Patient CD Burner)
  • SMA – 2 Software (CD Archiving)
  • SMA-3 DVD Archive
  • 7500 max studies/year
  • 4 Modalities Max
  • Full Diagnostic Tools Locally, same viewer ultra-fast loading
  • HTTP/HTTPS & SSL Encryption
  • JPIP / JPEG2000 compression
  • Server-bases workflow management
  • Provides rules based image routingFull viewing toolset: zoom, pan, rotate, flip, W/L, magnify annotations
  • Measure, arrow, angle, cobb angle etc.
  • User-based hanging protocols follow both web & locallyTriangulation, auto-liking, advanced viewing tools
  • Multi-monitor support (Max supported by windows OS)
  • Patient CS burning
  • Full diagnostic tools locally & via web interface, same viewerUltra-fast streaming technology

Software Specifications:

  • OPAL SW with Worklist, Viewer, DICOM Send, DICOM Print, and Patient CD Burning

Hardware Specifications:

  • IBM-Compatible tower mini Server/Workstation
  • Dual core, 2 GB RAM
  • RAID 1 – 1 TB (2 x 1TB HDD)
  • Integrated Gigabit NIC, keyboard and mouse, 500R UPS
  • LG 20″ Flat Panel LCD monitor 1600 x 1200 (2MP) Resolution

Konica Opal-RAD MiniPACS

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