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The Lloyd Galaxy 900 HS offers a more effective and comfortable way of adjusting with an electronic height selector that raises the table to any desired height from 18″ to 38″, virtually eliminating stooping and bending. Head, chest, lumbar, pelvic, and ankle drops also enable the doctor to adjust with greater efficiency at reduced effort and fatigue. A hylo feature tilts and lowers the table hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds.

Standard Features

    • Hydraulically controlled elevation
    • Automatic Height Select
    • Tilting (Hylo) capability
    • Deluxe Adjustable Headpiece
    • One piece adjustable chest
    • Extension / Retraction of Length (Power)
    • Pelvic Separation
    • Adjustable Chest (vertical)
    • Adjustable Pelvic (vertical)
    • Electronic height selector
    • Tilt Safety Switch
    • Speed Adjustment for Hylo feature
    • Spring Breakaway chest
    • Extends and retracts to accommodate 5′ to 7′ patients with a touch of a switch
    • Smooth, quiet, hydraulic operation
    • All cushions raise and lower
    • Adjustable controls conveniently located on both sides of the table
    • Chest section on deluxe table has breakaway feature with adjustable tension(optional on drop chest and lumbar sections)
  • Unmatched lifetime stability
  • New manual and automatic cocking drops are optional on all sections
  • Lloyds ’95 deluxe headpiece with or without optional drops tilts elevates with 8 position openings

Optional Features

  • Lloyd’s superior designed auto and manual cocking drops
  • Manual & Automatic drop Ankle
  • Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
  • Rotating chest lumbar with breakaway
  • Multi-Directional Drop Pelvic
  • Snap-on Covers
  • Fold-in foot plate

900HS Table Specifications

  • Height Range: 19” to 36”
  • Length – Extended: 84 Inches
  • Length – Retracted: 72 Inches
  • Cushion Width: 21 Inches
  • Table Width: 22 Inches
  • Weight: 410 lbs. (approx)

Lloyd Galaxy 900 HS

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