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Pausch Paxis 100 Straight Arm X-Ray
(Available in 30, 40 and 50kW) It can be combined with the DR solution best fit for your practice.

With a constantly aligned Bucky and X-Ray Tube, positioning is quick and easy. The standard motorized configuration provides the technician with tremendous ease of use and operation.

The Paxis 100 X-Ray system has a motorized source-to-image range of 40” to 72”, with the ability to stop anywhere in between. Additionally, motorization is in vertical travel and arm rotation. All motions are smooth and quiet. The system’s full range of motion can perform x-ray procedures, including studies on the lower extremities.

Furthermore, each motion is illustrated, allowing the technician to call precise motions. Maneuvering the SID into position is also easy. The 40” and 72” end stops to assure precise adjustments every time. Interested in another system? Contact Dicom Solutions to find your X-Ray solutions partner and discover which X-Ray machine is right for you. 

Single Column Straight Arm Solution:

  • 40-72” Motorized
  • Motorized Vertical Travel
  • Motorized Arm Rotation
  • Constant Alignment of Tube and Bucky
  • 4 bolts in the floor freestanding installation
  • Compact Room Configuration
  • Easy Patient Access
  • Low Ceiling Height Capable
  • Bucky Arm Angulates +/- 45 degrees (15-degree detents)
  • 120 Degree Arm Rotation
  • Fixed Height Mobile Patient Table Optional
  • 495lb Patient Weight
  • 2 locking casters

Pausch Paxis 100 Straight Arm X-Ray

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