The Poskom 20HF Portable Vet X-Ray is the most compact, Ultra-light, and powerful portable x-ray unit available in the market.  It is designed specifically for veterinary practitioners and features 40-90KV in 1.0KV increments with 20 mA output. The perfect medical imaging device for the mobile veterinarian that needs X-rays on the go.

The Poskom 20HF Portable Vet X-Ray boasts an HF generator that produces 40-50% more powerful radiation than conventional x-ray units in its class resulting in faster exposure times and more high-quality film imaging.  ISO-Watt technique provides the automated mA control features make this portable x-ray unit for small and large animal use. It can be perfectly used for the practitioner of clinic use and or outdoor terrain.

Poskom 20HF

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