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Poskom 40HF Portable Vet X-Ray is a compact sized, efficient and light weight x-ray system. It is used for medical, dental, podiatry, veterinary and emergency uses as well.. This system makes workflow much easier and the portability offers a wide variety of uses and maneuverability.

  • Ultra light Weight (27 lbs) and compact size
  • Generator: 100Khz, HF inverter type
  • mAs range: 0.4 to 100 mAs
  • Built-in Laser Pointer & Collimator
  • PROM memory for APR (8) data selections
  • LED Readout / Digital Reverse switch
  • Flat Touch Panel & Digital Display
  • Laser pointer
  • Scale measure for SID
  • (Source to Image Distance)
  • Flat touch panel digital display
  • Auto-line voltage compensation
  • Scale/tape for SID measurement

Standard accessory:

  • Power cord, hand switch, metal carrying case and operator’s manual

Poskom 40HF X-Ray

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