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About the SourceRay PXS-810
The PXS 810 Podiatry X-Ray is designed for Superior imaging performance and convenient patient positioning for the Podiatry professional, And Foot and Ankle Surgeon Radiology applications.

The PXS-810 incorporates a high Frequency Generator to provide maximum mR/mAs, and has a microprocessor output of 80kV at 10mA. With its 0.5mm focal spot x-ray tube, and high output generator, the model PXS-810 provides Excellent Image Resolution and Faster Exposure Times for Podiatry Radiography.

The PXS-810 can be used with conventional film screen technology, CR/DR-systems. The PXS-810 has the power to compensate for the slower operating speeds of CR-systems without compromising imaging quality.

The PXS-810 Radiographic Base has vertical slots to accommodate a 10″ x 12″ film cassettes, and provides Patient Safety Railings that ensure safe positioning for physically unstable patients.

System Specifications:
0.8 kW 80 kV / 10 mA, 30 mAs, Microprocessor Controlled 0.5 mm Focal Spot X-Ray Tube, Patient Support Base,  Collimare Collimator w/Laser Cross Hairs. Integral Cassette Positioning Slot & Holder Net Weight 80 lbs./36 kg

PXS 810 Podiatry X-Ray

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