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The Pivotal Health Solutions TradeFlex Max allows practitioners the choice of performing manually or with auto flexion. An easy-to-use touch screen control panel provides both automatic flexion and/or auto-distraction treatments at the touch of a button, while a conveniently located Long Bar delivers a manual touch. The addition of auto flexion features the convenience of variable flexion speed and a treatment timer for precise adjustment and care.

Table Configurations:

  • E9118 – TradeFlex MAX with Manual & Auto Flexion Table – 120V

Standard Features:

  • Lifting capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions: 73”L x 28”W x 21”H
  • Extended maximum length with ankle extension: 83″L
  • Cushion width: 22″W
  • Rated voltage: 120V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Stationary table height: 20″
  • P/A Flexion: 15°
  • Rear lateral flexion:15°
  • Electric spring tension
  • Variable speed control
  • Flexion timer
  • 10″ Ankle extension
  • Breakaway abdominal
  • 22″ Wide comfort cushions
  • Tilting headpiece with adjustable face cushions
  • Steel base
  • Short T bar and SST strap
  • Paper roll holder and cutter

Headpiece Options:

  • E4401 – Tilt, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4408 – Tilt, Elevation, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4409 – Tilt, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4512 – Tilt, U-Shape Cushion 
  • E4513 – Tilt, U-Shape Cushion, Cervical Drop 
  • E4514 – Tilt, U-Shape Cushion, Axial Flexion 
  • E4410 – Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4411 – Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Cushions
  • E4423 – Lateral Flexion (14°) – Available on all headpiece options

Drop Options:

  • E4412 – Thoracic Manual Drop
  • E4413 – Lumbar Manual Drop
  • E4414 – Pelvic Manual Drop

Height & Elevation Options:

  • E4802 – Extended stationary height beyond 26″ (Per Inch)
  • E9118-L – Elevation – 21-29″ with single foot pedal
  • 95284 – Dual foot pedal for elevation

Pivotal Health Solutions Tradeflex Max – Manual/Auto Flexion Table

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