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TruePortable by JPI

Designed with portable provider technologists in mind, TruePortable by JPI stands out as lighter, more agile, and offering superior protection compared to its competitors. Navigating stairs, confined spaces, and even sliding beneath beds is effortlessly achievable with the TruePortable by JPI.

With the full integration with ExamVue™ Duo software, healthcare professionals have the capability to control the high-frequency portable X-ray generator CubeX right from the software without the need for physical adjustments to the techniques.

High-frequency x-ray generators combine compact size, light product weight, and portability for several medical and veterinary applications. Our x-ray stands are extremely stable mobile x-ray platforms intended for use in veterinary clinics, sports medicine environments, and other mobile x-ray applications.

Lighter, more maneuverable, and better protected than the competition, TruePortable™ was designed specifically with portable provider technologists in mind. The TruePortable™ can be maneuvered easily up stairs, in tight areas, and underneath beds.


Weight: 82 lbs with Generator
2.7kW 100kV Power
50kHU X-Ray tube and integration with 14×17 Wireless Cesium DR
Maximum SID to Floor: 79”
Large Wheels: 10”
Folded Dimensions: 27” x 57” x 27”

TruePortable by JPI

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