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Vertex Tilting Wall stand X-Ray (32 or 40kW)
Can be combined with the DR solution best fit for your practice.

Affordable, Agile & Reliable
the Vertex Tilting Upright X-Ray system is one of the most affordable X-Ray that adapts to the practices that are keen on affordability, versatility and reliability to perform tasks that involve upright and extremity imaging. The combination of a variable tube stand and tilting wall stand X-Ray presents the ideal machine to accomplish a wide variety of upright and extremity views. Enjoy user-friendliness and low cost of ownership with this system.

Floor Wall Mount Tube Stand

  • Platform tube mount, tube rotation
  • Magnetic locks for longitudinal, vertical and tube rotation
  • 10′ track provides for 40″ and 72″ SID and centering to detector for table top views

Title Wall Stand With Digital Detector

  • Floor to wall mount with magnetic locks
  • Tilt mechanism, +90°, -40°
  • Intuitive software
  • Comfortable patient chin rest
  • Innovative image processing software based on view
  • 103 line, 10:2 ration, 40 to 72″ focal range grid
  • Extensive down travel
  • High throughput
  • Low cost of ownership

Generator Integration

  • Virtual control console on acquisition monitor
  • Anatomical regions, view and patient size selected at acquisition monitor
  • Pre-programmed techniques displayed at acquisition monitor
  • Image viewed within seconds of making an exposure
  • 400 or 500 mA high frequency HF Generator
  • APR 
  • X-RAY TUBE: 140,000 or 200,000 heat unit
  • Laser light collimator 

5 Year factory warranty

Vertex Tilting Wall Stand X-Ray

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