Enjoy a fully tailored veterinary experience with the VETSMART Veterinary X-Ray System. Patient demographics include the Animal name and breed, and owner name and information. The acquisition will also show four categories of animals, with specific views set for each animal!

VETSMART Table System
  • Fixed 40″ SID
  • Toshiba x-ray tube 140 HU 1-2mm focal spot
  • kVP range: 40-150kV
  • Single Phase 208-230VAC
  • High frequency 32kW capacitor assisted 400mA generator
  • 15″ Touch Screen Operator Console Six exclusive table base/table top designs
  • 40″ Base w/ 64″ standard table top
  • 30″ Base w/ 40″, 48″,
  • 56″ table top options
  • 40″ Base w/ 48″, 56″,
  • 64″ table top options
  • Oval top w/ urine track
  • Unique Push and Open pull out tray to access DR detector
  • Exclusive Push and Open Front panel latch mechanism for easy generator access
SMART X-Ray Collimator
  • Patented ATD (Auto Thickness Detection) technology
  • Open APR integration: control kV, mA, and mS
  • Exclusively control generator dosage (embedded AI/lot) by detecting body part for ideal exposure 
  • SMART X-Ray Generator
    • Low input amperage
    • Remote real-time monitoring, calibration and maintenance features (optional)
    • Exclusive self-diagnostic tool based on lot and machine learning which reduces and eliminates the need for onsite service technicians

    VETSMART™ Veterinary X-Ray System

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