Benefits of Advanced X-Ray Machines

X-Ray Machines

In the medical field, many supporting types of equipment or instruments play a significant part in detecting or treating diseases. From the doctor’s stethoscope to the MRI scanner, many machines play an instrumental role in guiding doctors to identify the disease and treat it accordingly.

One of such is x-ray machines which have the highest demand. All the x-ray machines manufacturer try to adopt the latest version of technology because of the demand. Dicom Solutions is one supplier having a range of x-ray machines. 

Why is an X-Ray necessary?

X-Radiation, commonly called X-Ray, gives the picture of the internals of a human body. Scientifically, X-rays of wavelengths from 10 picometers to 10 nanometers penetrate in the form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation.

The frequency range usually is 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz, and the energy range is 124 eV to 124 keV. 

Though the discovery of X-rays was not made for medical purposes, it was thought to be the potential initiation to find out what lies internally in the human body, and the experiments were done accordingly.

It turned out to be a significant boost in the medical field as it was handy in many applications. 

X-Ray Machines List

Due to the property of radiation, it turned out a handful in the medical field, giving rise to x-ray machines manufacturer. As the purpose was known, the stepwise improvisation in the production of x-ray machines was also evident. Dicom established its range of products in 2003, and it is known to be the leading supplier in – 

  • Stationary X-Ray
  • Veterinary X-Ray
  • DR X-Ray Upgrade
  • Handheld X-Ray
  • Mobile and Portable X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Dynamic Digital Radiography
  • Podiatry X-Ray
  • Chiropractic X-Ray
  • Upper Cervical X-Ray
  • Chiropractic Table Solutions
  • PACS Systems
  • Ultrasound

The company is known to assist many hospitals, imaging centers, and private practitioners in meeting their targets in diagnosis with imaging equipment. Starting with a few limited products, it improved with time and technology to produce over 3000 products.

It is popular because of its best deals, guaranteed satisfaction, comprehensive products, and most importantly, excellent customer service. 


From handheld X-ray machines to MRI scanners, the evolvement of technology over the years has been astonishing, making medical diagnosis much more accessible. Therefore x-ray machines manufacturer like Dicom Solutions has been instrumental in the medical support field.