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According to a recent study by IMV Medical Information Division, radiology departments in U.S. hospitals performed nearly 183 million X-ray procedures in 2010 – up 30 percent from an estimated 140 million X-ray procedures in 2005 – and the number of X-ray examinations is expected to continue growing rapidly in the future. Fortunately, advanced technology […]

There are PACS available to fulfill the most basic needs of small health care providers to the complex needs of large hospitals. Described below are some basic and advanced features that are available on many PACS systems. Features Basic Features Storage Size: One of the fundamental features of PACS is storage size. When determining how […]

Not too long ago, PACS, or Picture Archiving and Communication System, was available solely to large institutions. Cheaper storage costs and increased market competition however, have made PACS affordable for virtually any health care provider doing any kind medical imaging. This will provide information on what PACS is and what features are available, and how […]

The busy medical imaging center and radiology department of a large hospital produce thousands of digital medical images over the course of a year. A significant part of the work involved at these types of medical facilities occurs after the digital data is captured, however. Storage comprises a major portion of the handling of medical […]

It used to be that small-scale medical offices appreciated the versatility that a PACS system could provide them, but were overwhelmed by the high cost of PACS. PACS systems were originally only affordable to large hospitals, but the prevalence of personal computers and electronic devices has dramatically brought down the price of medical technologies, including […]

In an urgent care setting, urgent care digital x-ray can offer physicians and patients the information they need for speedy and accurate diagnoses.  Taking only seconds to create a digital medical image, and with the ability to enhance the image on the clinical workstation, the physician in urgent care can get the data needed to […]

Chiropractic digital x-ray itself saves a great deal of time and expense in several areas. No longer will you need costly development chemicals and supplies needed for film x-rays.