Evaluating the Benefits of a Mini-PACS System

Konica Exa PACS Solution


According to a recent study by IMV Medical Information Division, radiology departments in U.S. hospitals performed nearly 183 million X-ray procedures in 2010 – up 30 percent from an estimated 140 million X-ray procedures in 2005 – and the number of X-ray examinations is expected to continue growing rapidly in the future. Fortunately, advanced technology and the Internet has made it much easier to conduct, process, and manage these examinations efficiently. The Mini-PACS system is a great example of this high level of efficiency at work.

What Is the Mini-PACS System?

A Mini-PACS system, also known as a picture archiving and communication system, combines advanced technology with top-notch software and online resources to provide offline and online archiving. 

PACS software was specifically designed to work in third-party workstations and interface with a variety of DICOM modalities, including X-rays, MRI and CT scans in addition to angiography. Regardless of the modality being used, a mini-PACS system will allow you to generate an accurate DICOM image.

Why You Need a Mini-PACS System

By using a mini-PACS system, you will no longer need to use film for diagnostic imaging scans. This will save both money and space because you won’t need to purchase or store film. Your staff members will be able to access patient reports, results, and image scans quickly and with very little difficulty. Instead of spending countless hours dealing with paperwork, organization, and processing, using a mini-PACS system will allow you to use that time wisely by reinvesting it into caring for your patients. All results are available electronically, which makes it easy to share this information with other offices and also minimizes the chances of processing duplicate images. A chronological view of radiology histories for patients can be generated with PACS software, so you will have quick access to their past scans and results.

Key Points to Consider

When deciding whether or not a mini-PACS system is right for you, there are several key points that should be considered. For instance, think about the time you’ll save by being able to quickly process imaging scans and test results within a matter of seconds. 

Instead of paying thousands of dollars in overhead expenses associated with IT equipment, that money can be reinvested back into more profitable aspects of your business. Human error and guesswork are two factors that always have to be considered when processing test results. However, the efficiency of PACS software will minimize the risk of these factors becoming a problem for your staff.

Using this advanced software will also increase your staff’s productivity and efficiency by allowing them to spend more time in front of patients rather than in front of paperwork. Within a single mouse click, you can have full access to your entire patient library, which can completely change the way your office operates. 

Your staff will be able to take on more patients without having to compromise the quality of care that is being provided to the patients who already use your services.

The Bottom Line

There is not a single business that would not take full advantage of a guaranteed method to increase their efficiency and productivity while saving both time and money. This is especially the case with businesses that are responsible for providing quality health care to their patients. 

Investing in a mini-PACS system will allow you to achieve this goal, providing an optimal level of quality care to your patients in a fraction of the time.

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