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Category Archives: Mobile X-Ray

The world we live in is centered on convenience, so it would only make sense that the medical field would follow suit. That is why devices like mobile MRIs are so important to have in the healthcare industry. Let’s look at some of the uses of mobile MRIs and why they are important. First, let’s […]

Getting the right technology in place for your mobile x-ray business can mean the difference between having a good business and a really successful business. You can take advantage of what’s available and the substantially lower costs to give your business an advantage over the competition. The scenario below goes step-by-step through an example of […]

Over the past 2 years the price of DR equipment has dropped precipitously and the adoption of this technology has increased in a wide variety of healthcare practices. DR presents a huge advantage by offering quicker results, higher resolution x-ray images, and lower doses of radiation for the patients. For a comprehensive list of all […]