Mobile MRIs: Their Many Uses

The world we live in is centered on convenience, so it would only make sense that the medical field would follow suit. That is why devices like mobile MRIs are so important to have in the healthcare industry. Let’s look at some of the uses of mobile MRIs and why they are important.

First, let’s do a quick intro about what Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is. This x-ray like medical process is non-invasive 3D scan of the internal parts of the body. 

It uses strong magnetic field to create this 3D image. It can be used for pretty much any part of the body, but is specifically helpful in taking images of the all organs and skeletal system. An MRI can do everything from detecting brain and heart problems to injuries in the joints. 

Generally these large and expensive machines reside in large busy hospitals. However the mobile devices serve to be much more versatile than their large installed counterparts.

Benefits of Mobile MRIs

So, what benefit does a mobile MRI have? The need for more MRI machines is growing and sometimes the funding and installation of an MRI in a hospital can take a significant amount of time. 

These mobile MRI machines can be used while the process of installing an MRI is being underwent. These are also very useful in a hospital where a remodel or a repair is being conducted on a current MRI. 

Think about it, if a part of your MRI has to be repaired and may take a significant amount of time, this leaves a huge need for a mobile machine to use in the meantime. With options to rent or lease these machines you can even have them for the short time you need them and go back to the use of the current imaging system once the repair is done.

Cost Effective Approach

Sometimes hospitals cannot afford a full sized installed MRI system, and mobile MRIs give you the ability to have the technology of an MRI without the high cost of installing one in your hospital. Take for example a smaller hospital in a small town or suburb. 

These types of hospitals may not have the budget to install a MRI, but what they do have is patients who would greatly benefit from the service. This use helps make it convenient for the patient, hospital, and even the larger hospital that is dealing with an overabundance of patients.

Mobile MRIs don’t even need to be housed in a hospital or doctor’s office. The use of mobile MRI trailers make for an even more convenient use of an MRI. This is form of MRI can be a great asset to someone who has trouble travelling because of sickness and injury. Since the trailer houses the MRI, all the patient has to do is enter the trailer and receive their scan right there.

MRI technology is very important and the creation of mobile MRIs has just made it more affordable and convenient for everyone to be able to benefit from the imaging system.

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