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Category Archives: Urgent Care

Despite reports of the nation’s “physician shortage,” the number of convenient health care options accessible to consumers continues to get larger. This includes not just urgent care centers but also retail‐host clinics, walk‐in family practice offices, hospital emergency fast‐tracks, and pediatric after‐hours facilities. Rising demand for health care has been fueled by aging baby boomers, […]

You might think that urgent care radiology equipment would be used mostly for teenagers having too much fun testing their bodies’ limits on the weekend or kids or sports accidents, but this is not true. A new study performed by Teleradiology Specialists looked at the demographics of patients visiting the urgent care, how many patients […]

In an urgent care environment, every second counts when it comes to delivering excellent patient care.  Because speed and efficiency are so important when critical patients are being examined, many urgent care facilities have made the switch to urgent care DR x-ray systems.  We offer a full range of digital imaging systems suitable for urgent […]