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Category Archives: CR systems

Computed radiography systems, or CR systems, have become a common sight in many medical practices and doctor’s offices because they are a cost-effective, smaller-scale option for conducting X-rays on patients. However, with a piece of equipment this complex, there are bound to be a few questions before your office decides to buy a CR system. […]

Are you interested in purchasing a computed radiography (CR) system and are still unsure about what to expect out of your system and what benefits are to choosing a CR system over a DR system? Below we outline the main different component and features they offer, as well as the benefits you may see out […]

Over the past two decades CR, or computed radiography, has dramatically changed how everyone from small general practitioners to large hospitals thinks about x-ray. At its core, CR is the digital heir to traditional, film based x-ray development. It takes advantage of existing, low-cost x-ray equipment and combines it with all of the advantages of […]

Computed radiography (CR) utilizes a computed radiography system in order to display images. Instead of using imaging film, this technology uses an imaging plate (IP) that is composed of photostimulable storage phosphors. These photostimulable storage phosphors store radiation levels from electron energy. When the IP is ran through a scanner, it is converted to an […]

While hospitals and trauma centers may prefer the use of traditional radiography systems, effectively-run urgent care centers, private practices and walk-in clinics are finding the benefits of using computed radiography. Traditional radiography and computed radiography differ in several meaningful ways, including the method that the image is procured, the processing of the image, environmental factors […]

Over the past 2 years the price of DR equipment has dropped precipitously and the adoption of this technology has increased in a wide variety of healthcare practices. DR presents a huge advantage by offering quicker results, higher resolution x-ray images, and lower doses of radiation for the patients. For a comprehensive list of all […]

Medical facilities large and small are feeling the pinch of the tight economic climate in which the country finds itself at present. Because of this, they are looking for ways to reduce costs while still providing outstanding patient care. One excellent way that hospitals and other medical offices have found to increase their productivity is […]

We at Dicom Solutions are pleased to bring you the latest and greatest digital imaging technologies for computed radiography, as well as complementary digital imaging components such as radiology PACS and Fujifilm CR solutions. Medical facilities with clinical specialties in orthopedic, chiropractic, radiology, podiatry, veterinary and urgent care medicine all like to utilize CR systems […]

CR, which refers to computed radiography, is a modern method used in the medical fields to replace film x-rays and other medical images taken on film. As personal computers and other electronic devices have become relatively inexpensive, the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of digital imaging has also improved. By using a CR system, physicians can enjoy […]