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Category Archives: Chiropractic

For many children, growing pains are a natural part of life. Aches and cramps can make them grouchy and irritable, and these sorts of pains often increase as children become involved in sports like basketball, soccer, and track. But back pain is distinct from regular growing pains. Back pain in children, particularly children under the […]

X-Ray imaging’s ease of use, simple set up and low cost mean that any health care provider can immediately see positive results from their investment. From small private practice Chiropractors to large chain-style Chiropractic franchises, digital X-rays have improved efficiency and cut costs by taking advantage of the wide variety of cutting edge options available […]

All the major components of the X-Ray equipment (Power Generator, X-Ray Tube, Collimator, Tube Stand, and Wall Stand) are configurable in order to offer the end user all the options required but without paying for unnecessary features. Power Generators In general, there are 3 styles of generators; Standard frequency, High Frequency, and Stored Energy. Standard […]

Chiropractors continue to look for ways to improve the care that they provide their patients. Upgrading old chiropractic tables and equipment is one of the best ways to do this and with new technology affordable as well. Find some of them the most popular chiropractic equipment and supplies that we carry:   Chiropractic CR The […]