X-Ray Room: Costs, Examples, and Checklists to Purchasing

X-Ray room

X-Ray imaging’s ease of use, simple set up and low cost mean that any health care provider can immediately see positive results from their investment. From small private practice Chiropractors looking for an X-ray room, to large chain-style Chiropractic franchises, digital X-rays have improved efficiency and cut costs by taking advantage of the wide variety of cutting edge options available. 

The trick is knowing which X-Ray system is right for you. Taking the time to determine your goals, requirements and budget will ensure that you choose the right equipment for your needs.

X-Ray Room Cost

Purchasing your X-Ray room equipment in a complete package is always the best bet to keep costs low. If you need to purchase a CR, PACS server, Viewing workstations, CD Burners, Film Scanners or anything else along with your X-Ray system, please notify your sales representative to work on a special package price.

The X-Ray systems come bundled from the manufactures into the most typically used systems. These systems range from $15,000 for the most basic chiropractic style package up to 60,000+ depending on the options, generator type selected, and specific needs of your practice.

Examples of X-Ray Rooms

Smaller Chiropractic X Ray Room with CR:
Good for Traditional style Chiropractic, Full spine work, Gonstead work, etc.

Larger Chiropractic X Ray Room for Upper Cervical with DR:
This is an example of our top of the line Upper Cervical specific equipment set-up. In partnership with the Upper Cervical Store’s Double L-Frame, Dicom Solutions is the first dealer to create the X-ray bundle pictured below.

Building an X-Ray Room Guide

X-Ray Room Checklist: Questions to Ask Before You Buy

  1. What kind of Chiropractic practice is this equipment for (ie. Blair, NUCCA, Full spine)?
  2. Are there any specific shots that your practice will need to take? For example Base Posterior, Stereoscopic, Vertex, Nasium, Full spine?
  3. How many x-rays do you currently do per day and how many do you anticipate doing per day in the near future?
  4. Do you have an existing x-ray room with equipment that needs to be replaced?
  5. If the X-Ray equipment is for an existing x-ray room, what size is the current room?
  6. If you do not have an existing x-ray room and are planning to build one, is it new construction or a remodel of an existing suite?
  7. What is the available power in the building?
  8. Are you interested in a CR System or a DR system?
  9. Will you need a PACS, mini-PACS or off-site storage?
Want to learn how to make an X-ray room? Our Experts will show you in the right direction, and in the simplest way possible! 
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