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Category Archives: DR systems

This is the third part of series explaining digital radiography systems and their different components, features, types, and uses. Read Part 1 and Part 2 for more information. Features There are many standard and optional features for DR systems. Knowing what’s available makes selecting the right DR system easier and more cost-effective. The features vary […]

As mentioned in our previous blog post are three main variants of DR technology. There are also different sizes available. In the following section we’ll go over the sizes and the different technologies and how each works and its pros and cons. Sizes Currently, there are three common sizes of the radiographic areas for DR […]

What is Digital Radiography? Digital radiography, or DR, is the next step in the evolution of medical x-ray technology. First CR technology replaced traditional film and now CR is being replaced by DR technology. Where CR required cassettes that had to be scanned by a CR reader, DR allows x-ray radiation to be shot directly […]

With so many digital radiography (DR) systems options on the market, it is easy to go for the cheapest option and assume it is “good enough”. In reality there are striking differences between the lowest price DR panel and going one step up. For many years, the Naomi CCD DR had been the only affordable […]

Over the past 2 years the price of DR equipment has dropped precipitously and the adoption of this technology has increased in a wide variety of healthcare practices. DR presents a huge advantage by offering quicker results, higher resolution x-ray images, and lower doses of radiation for the patients. For a comprehensive list of all […]

Direct digital radiography, also known as DR, is a tremendously useful diagnostic tool utilized in many different types of specializations, including chiropractic, podiatry and urgent care.  DR imaging systems offer a powerful means of getting the digital images you need in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis.  Digital imaging has brought an unprecedented […]