Direct Digital Radiography And Its Uses In A Variety Of Specialization Areas

Direct digital radiography, also known as DR, is a tremendously useful diagnostic tool utilized in many different types of specializations, including chiropractic, podiatry and urgent care.  DR imaging systems offer a powerful means of getting the digital images you need in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis.  Digital imaging has brought an unprecedented speed to the imaging process, so that when it once took hours to create a medical x-ray with film it now only takes seconds with DR imaging.

Chiropractic DR

Busy chiropractic offices need a means for taking digital x-rays of a variety of different body parts.  Chiropractic DR systems are available that allow the patient to be standing or seated when the image is taken, making it easier to zero in on the specific area needed while keeping the patient’s comfort at the forefront.  Chiropractic DR imaging suites take medical digital images with the highest resolutions currently available in any type of digital imaging, and thus this diagnostic tool will help you to see what you need in order to accurately diagnose your patients.

Podiatry DR

Unlike chiropractic offices where the patient’s entire body may be examined, podiatry centers focus on the foot.  Podiatry DR systems take that into account and offer physicians the options they need for use in this area of specialization.  Digital imaging data is gathered on collection plates in a DR system.  Over time this system helps your office to save money in operating costs, only one of several benefits offered by DR imaging systems.

Urgent Care DR

For urgent care physicians and those hard at work in emergency rooms, having diagnostic tools that offer speed is crucial to delivering good patient care.  This is a main reason why urgent care DR systems are in place in hospitals and trauma centers around the country.

Urgentcare DR imaging units are the fastest digital imaging systems on the market today, making them a great choice for emergency room facilities. They are also available in portable models if you provide emergency care in the field.  Because digital images may need to be taken from a variety of positions depending upon the patient’s needs, urgentcare DR units are designed so that the patient may sit, lie down or stand for the images, whichever is easiest for the patient and physicians.

DicomSolutions offers a wide variety of DR systems suitable for these and other specializations.

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