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Category Archives: Veterinary

Veterinarians practicing in rural areas certainly have their share of challenges. Not only do they provide care for dogs, cats and other common household pets, they also oversee the care of cows, goats, horses and other livestock. Often, these rural veterinary practices are so far removed from large cities that these vets may have a […]

MRIs or Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment were not used often in veterinary settings until recently. MRIs required a great deal of space and were too expensive for most clinics. The improved technology has made the equipment more affordable as well as more portable, no longer is the need for dedicated space necessary. Accessibility to this […]

The veterinary x-ray department can vary from the largest facilities found at teaching colleges and large-animal hospitals to mobile x-ray systems. Because veterinarians must be prepared for a wide variety of digital imaging needs, they want flexible digital imaging and storage options, which is one of our specialties at Dicom Solutions. Alara, Kodak, AGFA and […]