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Top Veterinary Digital X-ray Options For Image Acquisition And Archiving

The veterinary x-ray department can vary from the largest facilities found at teaching colleges and large-animal hospitals to mobile x-ray systems. Because veterinarians must be prepared for a wide variety of digital imaging needs, they want flexible digital imaging and storage options, which is one of our specialties at Dicom Solutions. Alara, Kodak, AGFA and Opal all have quality products perfect for use in the veterinary environment.

Alara’s CrystalView systems are useful for the veterinarian who is looking for a veterinary digital x-ray imaging system for the home office that is both affordable and can handle a low volume of digital images. The CrystalView conveniently fits on top of a desk. One convenient feature is that you can share the CrystalView reader through the use of workstations that are networked.

Kodak offers its Point of Care imaging system along with a mini-PACS component suitable for veterinary x-ray needs. This is a complete system that allows you to not only take digital images, but also view and store them using the mini-PACS.

Many veterinarians who want a mobile Veterinary digital x-ray system find this to be a great fit.

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