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Veterinary MRI Machines Harmful For Pets?

Veterinary MRI Machines


MRIs or Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment were not used often in veterinary settings until recently. Veterinary MRI machines required a great deal of space and were too expensive for most clinics. 

The improved technology has made the equipment more affordable as well as more portable, no longer is the need for dedicated space necessary. Accessibility to this type of equipment has been opened to smaller clinics and budget conscience hospitals.

MRIs versus X-rays

Vetinary MRI machines can be a powerful diagnostic tool for veterinarians. X-rays not only use radiation but they do not create the detailed imagery possible with an MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging provides the clinicians specific information particularly of the joints, muscles, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The soft tissue detail is ideal for locating and diagnosing tumors or cancer. 

The popularity of this equipment has made diagnosing and treating animals of all sizes much more possible. There has been a significant enhancement in the quality of care available because of the comprehensive medical testing devices currently utilized.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Large Animals

One of the challenges of caring for large animals is the ability to examine the patient properly and thoroughly. In the past, to perform MRIs, an animal would need to be sedated and transported to a specialized facility. 

The latest Veterinary MRI machines are able to be brought to the animal; leading to increased convenience and patient care, decreased cost and quicker results. MRIs can be customized for a permanent setting or for use in the field.

Small Animal MRI Use

Domestic animals such as cats and dogs have become integral parts of many families. Their medical care and treatment has become as vital as the human family members. Pet owners expect similar diagnostic equipment to be used in the care of their pets as is used in their own care. 

The MRIs now available are a more cost effective option for veterinary clinics and hospitals because of the portability, the ease of use and the decreased purchase price. The use of MRIs in people clinics and hospitals reduced the fatality of disease and injury, so has the use of MRIs in vet clinics.

Dicom Solutions offers a wide array of veterinary x-ray equipment appropriate for numerous applications. Whether you require a large format Veterinary MRI machine for academic, equine or zoological purposes or a simpler configuration perfect for a traditional vet clinic, our skilled staff can assist you in finding the best solution.

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