Consider Your Options: Samsung vs Naomi DR Flat Panel

With so many digital radiography (DR) systems options on the market, it is easy to go for the cheapest option and assume it is “good enough”. In reality there are striking differences between the lowest price DR panel and going one step up. For many years, the Naomi CCD DR had been the only affordable DR option available and while it still often the least expensive, there are now newer digital radiography panels with much better quality and features that are still within an affordable price range.

One of the best alternatives to the Naomi is the Samsung GOS (Gadolinium Oxysulfide) DR panel. It has far superior image quality, requires lower radiation dose per shot and comes with a rich set of software features among other benefits. Take a look at some of the features that make the Samsung GOS digital radiography panel stand head and shoulders above the Naomi.

Image Quality

The Samsung GOS DR produces superior quality images compared to CR and the Naomi because it is a true DR flat panel detector. The Naomi uses an array of 192 CCD cameras that capture the x-ray image. The result is 192 separate images that are then stitched together using software. Any gaps in the data have to be “guessed” at by the software which could mean there is missing pathology. The Samsung GOS digital radiography system, on the other hand, has just one image and requires no “guesswork” by the software.

Larger Imaging Field

The Samsung GOS DR has a 17”x17” imaging field making it much easier to capture large patients in a single x-ray. The Naomi has a 14”x17” imaging field which means that larger patients not be able to fit within a single shot, even at maximum collimation.

On-Site Installation and Training

All Samsung digital radiography panels are professionally installed, configured and calibrated by trained engineers. The Naomi arrives as a kit and must be plugged-in and installed by the customer. In addition to this, the Naomi is simply strapped with Velcro cables to the existing wall bucky. The Samsung GOS DR comes with a full wall bucky and grid that looks clean and professional.

Viewing Tools

The Samsung GOS DR comes with a complete set of diagnostic viewing tools such as zoom, pan, magnify, brightness and contrast adjustment, measurements, Cobb angles, bone enhancement, hanging protocols and more. In addition, there is also a suite of well-developed chiropractic tools including Gonstead and upper cervical analysis and image stitching for full spine shots.

Built-in Mini PACS

With a built-in mini PACS, images have long term-storage and can be pulled up at workstations in the exam rooms and around the office, even from home without complicated networking. Since every image is a full diagnostic quality DICOM image these images can be easily sent to a radiologist for further analysis or burned to CD with an embedded DICOM viewer.


The standard warranty for the Samsung GOS digital radiography system is 2 years. The Naomi DR has only has a 1 year warranty

Naomi DR VS Samsung DR: Image Comparison

naomi dr panel image

samsung dr panel image

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