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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Getting the right technology in place for your mobile x-ray business can mean the difference between having a good business and a really successful business. You can take advantage of what’s available and the substantially lower costs to give your business an advantage over the competition. The scenario below goes step-by-step through an example of […]

What is Mobile X-Ray? The idea behind mobile x-ray is simple: bring diagnostic quality x-ray services directly to the patients. Generally, these patients can’t be brought easily or safely to an x-ray room in a hospital or other clinic. Contrary to popular belief, mobile x-ray isn’t just for rural areas. Urban as well as suburban […]

X-Ray imaging’s ease of use, simple set up and low cost mean that any health care provider can immediately see positive results from their investment. From small private practice Chiropractors to large chain-style Chiropractic franchises, digital X-rays have improved efficiency and cut costs by taking advantage of the wide variety of cutting edge options available […]