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Author Archives: Chad Hutchison

Nobody likes getting sick, and for millions of Americans the misery of sneezing, sore throats and coughing is compounded by having to make the decision of whether or not to go to work or stay home. There is a lot of pressure on some people, either external or self-imposed, to “tough it out” and go […]

The Affordable Care Act has enabled millions of Americans who were not previously able to, to apply for health insurance. As a result, clinics, hospitals, and other medical practices could see a large increase in patients this year. It’s too early to tell how the numbers will play out, but clinics need to be prepared […]

If you’re one of the millions of people who feel sad, lonely, and depressed during the shorter days of the fall and winter months there are ways to make yourself feel a little better and put a smile back on your face. Although scientists are still mystified about why seasonal depression happens to some and […]

It seems these days that doctors regularly unveil new research about the effects of soda on the body. For millions of people, these popular beverages have far more detrimental effects on the body than most would care to admit. If you must have one soda a day—or worse, several sodas a day—the facts of what […]

Veterinarians practicing in rural areas certainly have their share of challenges. Not only do they provide care for dogs, cats and other common household pets, they also oversee the care of cows, goats, horses and other livestock. Often, these rural veterinary practices are so far removed from large cities that these vets may have a […]

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming more commonplace every day. For many people, they’re almost extensions of their hands because they hardly ever seem to put them down. This kind of frequent use quickly leads to mobile devices getting covered with fingerprints, smudges and bits of whatever else people are using, eating […]

It’s one of the most commonly known nutrients, and its health benefits have been studied for a long time. Even so, many people are still surprised to discover the many ways in which Vitamin C is good for the body. Having proper Vitamin C levels in the blood can be considered a prime marker for […]

Come January 1st, lots of people get started on their New Year’s Resolutions, and a great majority of these resolutions have to do with being healthier. A list compiled at tells the story of our obsession with health resolutions: Of 13 resolutions that are listed as being popular year after year, six of them […]

Computed radiography systems, or CR systems, have become a common sight in many medical practices and doctor’s offices because they are a cost-effective, smaller-scale option for conducting X-rays on patients. However, with a piece of equipment this complex, there are bound to be a few questions before your office decides to buy a CR system. […]