Changing of Seasons: Staying Healthy as the Weather Cools

There’s no denying it – the changing of seasons is happening all around us. The leaves are turning vivid colors, and that crisp and cool breeze brings an extra pep in our step! It’s no mystery that a season change has an effect on our bodies as well. You’ve spent the last few months adapting and dealing with 80s, 90s and even sometimes 100 degree temperatures and all of the sudden it’s time to jump into much colder temperatures while trying to stay healthy and not end up with a fresh new fall sickness. Let’s look at some steps to take in order to staying healthy as the weather cools, and for any other season!

Causes of Winter Sickness

To understand how to stay healthy, we have to first talk a little bit about what causes people to get sick when the weather changes. While there are many factors that go into the whole equation, the biggest factor is how our immune system adapts to a weather change. Just as how you are trying to deal with the weather change, so is your immune system. With more focus on that, it makes you more susceptible to viruses that may be trying to attack your immune system. Paired with this, cold weather brings many people indoor for activities. This just puts you closer to everyone else who is also indoor with you, and creating the perfect storm for spreading germs and inevitably colds and the flu. Staying healthy as the weather cools is harder than it looks huh?

So, now we have a little bit of an idea of what causes some of the health issues, we can do something to help combat them. The first thing people can do any time of the year, and even more importantly at season change is make sure they are taking care of themselves. Exercise not only keeps you in shape, but also lowers stress levels, and lower stress levels increase your body’s ability to fight viruses. Also, with more exercise the more circulation of cells that are needed to fight infections.

How to Fight the Sickness

Now that you have been exercising, you need to also focus on your diet at this time. Right now it isn’t just important that you eat your normal well balanced diet, but you need to make sure you are consuming some key things to help you fight infections. First, ensure that you are taking in enough vitamin C. This will help you in keeping the colds away. Also, try and consume foods that are high in zinc. This will raise your T-cells that will fight off those pesky infections.

The next thing that is crucial to dealing with the weather change is focusing on your personal hygiene. Obviously, most germs that lead to colds and other infections are spread through some type of human contact. So, keeping yourself disinfected as often as possible is key to keeping yourself healthy. So, wash your hands as often as possible to kill the germs you may have picked up along the way. Also, as difficult as this may sound, try your very best to not touch anywhere around your face. If you do have sickness causing germs on your hands, touching them to your face is a very quick way to get those germs into your body and make yourself sick.

Follow these rules and you will have a much better chance out there as the cold season starts spreading. Get out there and enjoy the fall weather and stay healthy!

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